In A World of Grunge, A Vocalist Emerges:Remembering Scott Weiland

Back in 1992, the music scene was in a full change. Rock or as we know them as Grunge bands emerged such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. And then there is Stone Temple Pilots based out of California. I never thought of them as Grunge, STP had a brightness fused in with their late-night sound. The band had a polished sound, the guitar playing was tight with metal flavor and the delivery of vocalist Scott Weiland caught on with fans.

Scott Weiland passed away late Thursday, December 3rd joining a list of artist that lost their battle with addiction. Here was a performer that had a pure L.A. sound. S.T.P. fell into the grunge movement by default-labels needed to counter the Seattle scene and Scott had this late night vocal style that was perfect for the Sunset Strip. A vocalist like Scott Weiland helped keep arena rock alive-in fact giving fire to more aggressive, alternative rock groups like Nickleback, Creed (yes, I went there) and Incubus.

I love comeback stories, I think everybody does because Weiland has had a share of them with Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver-all met with great enthusiasm. Scott Weiland appeal to me was that he sounded rough around the edges-it turns out he was. Addiction is a battle. Too many bad influences took over and robbed us of perhaps another great run. The announcement of his death may not come as a complete surprise but it is sad news to hear. The peak of Stone Temple Pilots was part of my tween years and many others-he will be missed.

Here are three of my favorite singles from Scott Weiland with Stone Temple Pilots

From there 1992 album, Core

From there 1994 album, Purple

From There 1996 album, Tiny Music…Songs From Vatican Gift Shop

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