Roberto’s Blog: 1994 ‘Motley Crue’ Album Is A True Hidden Rock Gem

By Roberto Boschian – Track Addicts Podcast

By 1994, Grunge had wiped away any memories of hair bands and glam metal. Those type of bands were forced to either adapt or die. Motley Crue had not released a new album in five years and were about to relaunch their career with new singer John Corabi. In a time where Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, and Smashing Pumpkins were ruling the charts, it was not going to be easy for the Crue to stay relevant. The band originally wanted to change it’s name, but kept Motley Crue due to record company pressure.

The self titled 1994 album was released either way before, or way behind it’s time, depending on whom you ask. Critics panned the album probably without even hearing it. They could not get past the name and what the band represented. Fans panned the album only because they could not recognize the new look and sound of the band without frontman Vince Neil.

If you listen to the album without any prejudice, and pretend it’s a new band you have never heard before, I guarantee you will gain a new respect for this album. Songs like “Misunderstood,” “Hooligan’s Holiday,” and “Poison Apples” are hard rock at it’s best. I recently found You Tube clips of Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx on MTV’s Headbangers Ball in 1994 promoting the album. It was very interesting to hear their take on their new musical direction and path.

In the end, the critics and die-hard hair metal fans won the battle. ‘Motley Crue’ sold poorly, and the band was forced to fire John Corabi and bring Vince Neil back into the fold for 1997’s ‘Generation Swine,’ which in my opinion lacks the passion, power, and juggernaut songwriting the Corabi album provides.


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