Glenn Frey-Thank You (1948-2016)


He was a rocker and a Michigan native. He learned under the great Seger and headed out to make his mark. He was a band member under Linda Ronstadt and along with the drummer, Don Henley-together would create one of music’s most legendary bands. His name is Glenn Frey and he has passed on. With Henley and musicians such as Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmidt and Don Felder-The Eagles had a tight sound with passionate songwriting.

My first and only time I saw The Eagles was in 2015 as the band was promoting their amazing documentary, The History of The Eagles. With the intention of going with my fiancé, I went with my brother (she got the chills and couldn’t go) and found out Roberto would be going too. Check out this link for our review and experience of the concert.

My fiancé and I were so entertained by the documentary that we told each other we had to go see them and that I proclaimed Glenn Frey was my new hero. To know why he is my hero, watch the documentary. Their story we watched together gave both of us a renewed interest of the band. Glenn along with Henley wrote amazing songs. They had a real bond and Don Henley in his prime was the best vocalist out there.

Glenn was the leader and most fans would know that it was Frey that wasn’t so big on the reunion of the band-Hell was hot and was going to stay that way. Again, watch the History of The Eagles. Glenn would always appear in movies (Jerry Maguire) and television (Wiseguy) from time to time with some success on the charts as well. My favorite from his collection is “The Heat Is On”-not afraid to blast that out loud in my car. Frey’s voice had a definite blue collar feel depicted in such Eagles classics as Lyin’ Eyes and Heartache Tonight.

I was hoping the Eagles would return to the metro Detroit area again so my fiancé would be able to witness the work of Frey and Henley along with band mates Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt. Sadly, YouTube and possibly recorded concert footage throughout the tour along with Eagles albums is what we will have to keep his musical contributions intact.

This article is perhaps one of the best ever written. Rolling Stone magazine contributor and film director Cameron Crowe shares his experience living with Don Henley and Glenn Frey at their “Million Dollar View” residence.

Finally, a great backstage interview with Frey discussing the career of Linda Ronstadt at the 2014 Rock and Roll of Fame Induction ceremony. For a short time, Glenn, Don, and earlier formation of the Eagles were a part of her backing band.

Glenn Frey, may he rest easy in his next journey beyond life.

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