Roberto’s Blog: Was Glenn Frey Sending Me A Message Today Near His Old Stomping Grounds?

By Roberto Boschian – Track Addicts Podcast

I was running some errands in Detroit this afternoon, and eventually made my way to the Record Graveyard in Hamtramck around 2pm. I was the only one in the store, and in fact had to knock on the door to have the owner let me in. The store probably has half a million records in it and I walked out with two.

I got home from the record store around 4pm. At 4:30, I got a text from my podcast co-host Aaron, giving me the bad news of Glenn Frey’s passing. I said aloud to myself “wow this is really weird.” I told my wife, and she asked what was weird about it. I went over to the kitchen counter to the bag I brought home from the Record Graveyard, and pulled out a mint copy of “One Of These Nights” from the Eagles. Is it possible I was finding that record at almost the exact time of Glenn’s passing? Anyway, I’ll let you decide. It’s just a bizarre coincidence.


In my childhood and early teens I had no idea who Glenn Frey or the Eagles were other than maybe knowing they sung “Hotel California.” Then in 1994, as a 14 year old MTV addict, I saw the debut of “Hell Freezes Over.” I was blown away by the tightness of their playing and singing. It was much more high standard than the music of KISS and Black Sabbath I had immersed myself in at the time.

It’s taken me all these years later to proudly say I know the Eagles catalog inside and out, and even a lot of the solo work from Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Joe Walsh.

I’m so happy I was able to bring my 9 year old son last summer to see the Eagles in concert, so he could witness the chemistry between the band members and to hear the stories behind their unbelievable catalog of tunes.

Glenn always strived for the Eagles to be a rock n roll band. It was his decision to bring in powerhouse guitarists Don Felder and Joe Walsh, and his Detroit rock n roll roots can be easily heard in the Bob Seger co-penned “Heartache Tonight.”

I’ll leave you below with a Glenn Frey track that I always loved and remember as a music video when I was a kid. Thanks Glenn for all the years of “True Love.”

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