About Track Addicts Podcast

Roberto Boschian and Aaron Gonzalez are music and pop culture addicts with great chemistry and an infinite knowledge of music and musicians of all genres and generations. Listening is like hanging out in the living room of your coolest friends every week, with a massive vinyl collection next to the couch, two fingers of bourbon in crystal and nowhere else you have to go. You’ll hope it never ends.

Roberto BoschianRoberto Boschian is an audio and video producer/engineer and an avid analog audiophile. Roberto believes in original press vinyl as music’s true format and the closest thing to listening to the master tapes you can get. His pristine vinyl collection and vintage restored analog audio equipment are his passion and hobby.






Aaron GonzalezAaron Gonzalez is a lifelong movie and music enthusiast who attended film school at Wayne State University. A lifelong metro Detroiter, Aaron is passionate about everything from blues to old school rock gods , vintage rap and modern hip hop. He loves the artists and personalities behind the music–and movies–almost as much as the product itself.

Aaron is the ying to Roberto’s yang. While Aaron celebrates Rolling Stone magazines elite like U2, The Rolling Stones, and Adele, Roberto champions the bands constantly snubbed by critics like Black Sabbath, KISS, and Journey.